Trelleborg Antivibration Systems

Global supply and manufacturing of Novibra® and Metalastik® antivibration solutions. Trelleborg Antivibration Systems

Trelleborg Industrial AVS is a subsidiary of Trelleborg AB.

Sales are made under the Metalastik, Novibra and TrellExtreme brand names.

The Head Office and main manufacturing facility is situated at Bursom Park, Leicester, UK.

The computer controlled manufacturing facilities are supplemented by technical laboratories equipped for material testing, product evaluation and research and development.

Experienced product design and production engineering staff provide the expertise required for the development of new products from concept design to full production.

Trelleborg's rubber-to-metal bonded components are used in every branch of engineering science, particularly in the rail, energy, marine, industrial and off-highway markets.

For more than 75 years Trelleborg rubber-to-metal bonded components have made a significant contribution to the smooth, quiet efficiency of the modern vehicle.

Each product is the result of years of research and evolutionary development.

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Trelleborg AVS

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Trelleborg AVS, Drawing No. 17/4345, BA 20/2 A
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