Product Overview

Typically used in reciprocating and high pressure static applications, T-Seals comprise a single T-section elastomeric energiser and two thermoplastic back-up rings.

Available in both piston and rod geometries, T-Seals can retro-fit into most standard O-ring grooves designed for widths to accommodate 0, 1 or 2 back-ups.

The shape prevents spiral failure whilst reciprocating. The elastomer component transmits the system pressure under the low pressure back-up ring, forcing it into position, closing the extrusion gap.

As an elastomeric contact seal, the T-Seal provides highly efficient sealing and can be used in applications where two fluid types need to be separated e.g. gas, oil separation by an accumulator piston seal.


T-Seal Part Number Format

Elastomeric Energiser Materials

ElastomerColourHardness (IRHD)Temperature RangeSelect for..Compound Reference

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Black 70 -30 to +120oC General Purpose 36624
Fluorocarbon (FKM, A-Type) Black 75 -20 to +200oC

High temperature performance, high speed applications

Green 75 51414G

Back-Up Material Reference Codes

Material CompositionColourCoefficient of FrictionTemperature RangeSelect for..PTFE Reference
Virgin PTFE White 0.05/0.08

-240 to +200oC

Static or low duty cycles E400

Glass and MoS2 reinforced PTFE

Grey/Black 0.06/0.10 -160 to +290oC

Dynamic or static, medium duty cycles, hardened metal running surfaces


Graphite reinforced PTFE

Black 0.06/0.10 -200 to +250oC Dynamic, medium duty cycles E471

Carbon and graphite reinforced PTFE

Black 0.08/0.12 -200 to +250oC Dynamic, medium duty cycles E462
Polyester reinforced PTFE Beige 0.08/0.12 -130 to +290oC

Dynamic or static, medium to high duty cycles, minimum 45 HRc running surface


Carbon, graphite and PPS reinforced PTFE

Grey/Black 0.08/0.12 -130 to +290oC Dynamic or static, high duty cycles, hardened metal running surfaces E282Z