Teflex® O-Rings

Product Overview

Teflex® seals provided designers and engineers with a seal that combined the chemical resistance of PTFE with the resilience of rubber.

Encapsulated seals are available with two types of jacket - FEP and PFA.

The energising core is available in viton® or Silicone.  For low temperature applications or where lower closure forces are required, either a solid silicone or hollow silicone is specified.

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Teflex O-Rings Pt No. format

Teflex metric Pt No. format

Compound ReferenceTemperature RangeApplicationMaterial Family Designator
FEP/VMQ -60 to +200oC General purpose encapsulated O-Ring, with improved compression-set characteristics at low temperatures.  Not recommended for vacuum applications due to high gas permeability.  Not for dynamic applications. FEP/SIL
FEP/FKM -20 to +200oC High thermal and chemical resistance.  Not recommended for dynamic applications.  Recommended for vacuum applications. FEP/FPM
PFA/VMQ -60 to +260oC High temperature encapsulated O-Ring.  Not recommended for vacuum applications.  Not for dynamic applications. PFA/SIL