Rotary Elastomer Seals

Product Overview

One of the most frequently used types of seal is the rotary lip seal, generally used for sealing lubricating oil or grease in rotary shaft applications. This is achieved by:

  • Providing static sealing between the outer diameter of the seal and its housing
  • Sealing between the shaft and the main sealing lip when either static or dynamic.

The radial load exerted by the sealing lip must be sufficient to retain the oil or grease, but not so high that excessive friction losses or wear occurs. The principal of this can be affected by the following basic parameters and must always be taken into consideration when selecting the correct profile and material to enable optimum performance:

  • Shaft rotational speed and direction
  • Operating temperature
  • Application hardware details
  • Medium being sealed both internally and externally
  • Pressure seen within sealed unit
The Pioneer Weston range of rotary lip seals, offered through the ERIKS group, comply with a range of standards including DIN 3760/3761 and ISO 6194. Non-standard designs and materials are available on request.

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