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Part Number Format

Rotary Oil Seals Metric Pt No. Format

Standard Rotary Lip Seal Elastomeric Compound Reference

Polymer TypeCompound ReferenceColourHardness (IRHD)Temperature RangeSelect for..Material Designator
Nitrile Rubber (NBR) N-170-194 Black 70 -35 to +110oC General Purpose BLANK
Fluorocarbon (FKM, A-Type) V-75-27 Black 75 -20 to +200oC High temperature performance, high speed applications F1
V-85-195 Black 85 F2
V-75-50 Brown 75 F3
Silicone (VMQ) S-80-78 Red 80 -55 to +230oC High and very low temperature; high eccentricity S1
Polyacrylate (ACM) A-70-196 Black 70 -30 to +175oC High and low temperature capabilities; good compatibility with engine oils A1
Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) H-80-40 Black 80 -40 to +180oC Abrasion resistance; high temperatures H1

Other materials are available on request

Special Feature Designator

Ribbed outer diameter Helps to reduce press in force and improves static sealing on outer diameter. This function is primarily used for aftermarket requirements and is available only on seals with elastomeric outer diameters - 50
Hydrodynamic aid Helps as a pumping aid to improve functionality of the seal by transferring fluid away from the lip at high speeds to give a positive impact on the life of the seal Clockwise


Bi directional


Stainless steel spring Rust and acid resistant spring - 29
Sealant paint Only available on metal cased seals, this sealant paint helps to seal against any housing imperfections RED



If multiple special features are required, these should be expressed using multiple suffixes separated by a "/" sequenced as per the above table.

Example below:

A metric sized fluorocarbon R21 with a ribbed outer diameter and clockwise hydrodynamic aid, would be as follows: R20X30X7R21-F1/50/C