O-Rings Product Overview

Product Overview

The most common type of static seal is the flexible elastomer O-ring. O-rings provide an affordable seal that in most cases are simple to install and subject to correct material selection, give acceptable life between maintenance checks.

Available in a variety of materials to suit every sealing application, fully moulded O-rings are manufactured to several international sizes standards, including BS1806, BS4518, AS568 and ISO 3601.

Alternatively non-standard custom sizes, up to 2.5m (8ft) diameter can be produced to specific requirements.

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Imperial Part Numbering

Metric Part Numbering


ElastomerMaterial Family DesignatorCompound ReferenceColourHardness °IRHDTemperatureApplication
Nitrile, NBR,
Buna N
NBR 36624 Black 70 -35 to +110°C

-31 to +230°F
Standard compound with good compression-set values and medium acrylonitrile content for use with hydraulic oils, vegetable oils, animal fats, acetylene, alcohols, water, air, fuels and many other fluids
Ethylene Propylene,
EP 55914 Black 70 -55 to +130°C

-67 to +266°F
Standard, sulphur cured EPDM compound with very good compression set for use with solvents, alcohols, ketones, esters, organic and inorganic acids. Not recommended for animal fats, vegetable or mineral oils.
Ethylene Propylene,
EP 55914PC Black 70 -50 to +150°C

-58 to +302°F
High performance peroxide cured EPDM compound with very good compression-set, steam, ozone and weathering resistance.
Silicone, VMQ SIL 714177 Red 70 -55 to +230°C

-67 to +446°F
General purpose silicone with excellent physical and temperature resistance up to 220°C. Extremely high and low temperature range for use in air, oxygen dry heat, ozone, hot water to 150°C, and glycol based brake fluids. Silicones are recommended only for static applications.
Fluorocarbon FKM,
Viton® A
FPM 51414 Black 75 -20 to +200°C

-4 to +392°F
General purpose compound with very low compression-set characteristics at high temperatures and chemical resistance to oils, fats, fuels. Suitable for vacuum applications.
51414G Green
Viton® GF FPM 514141 Black 75 -10 to +200°C

+14 to +392°F
Original Viton® GF-Terpolymer with improved steam and temperature resistance
Perfluoroelastomer, FFKM FFKM FFKM-75-162 Black 75 +275°C

Broadest range of chemical and temperature resistance for chemical processing industry. Suitable for acids, basics, amines, steam, ethylene oxide and many other aggressive chemicals.
FFKM-75-164 +310°C

High temperature compound with superb compression-set characteristics and improved resistance against steam and amines. Very suitable for temperature cycle applications.