Exclusion Devices/Wiper Rings

Product Overview

Exclusion devices also known as Wiper Rings or Scrapers are installed in sealing configurations to exclude foreign particles such as sand, grit, dirt, water, abrasive media, etc.

They are normally installed in the piston rod gland housing and wipe the piston rod during retraction. They prevent contamination of the hydraulic fluid, which could otherwise damage valves, seals, wear rings and other components.

Eriks Sealing Technology offers a comprehensive range of metallic and polymeric Exclusion devices. These configurations include combinations of elastomeric, metallic and PTFE based material Exclusion/Wiper lips, which are configured to the application requirements.

ERIKS also provide both single acting and double acting wiper ring designs.

Exclusion Devices/Wiper Rings

Exclusion Devices.Wiper Rings Part No. Format

Different scraper lip material combinations are available upon request.

Metal Scraper

Metal Scrapers

Metal scrapers consist of a Nitrile (NBR) wiping lip in conjunction with a thin brass scraper lip, encased in a steel shell.

The combination is used for arduous environments and is suitable for tar, ice, removing dried or frozen mud and other contaminants from the rod.

Metal Encased Polyurethane Scraper

Metal Encased Polyurethane Scraper

A Metal Encased Polyurethane scraper can be installed into open grooves. This style of Scraper comprises of a polyurethane (AU) scraper element housed in a metallic casing.

The polyurethane scraper element offers highly effective scraping performance and abrasion resistance. This design is commonly used in mobile hydraulic plant and agricultural equipment.

Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Double Acting Wiper

Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Double Acting Wipers

A Double acting wiper has either a sealing and a scraping lip in Nitrile (NBR) or proprietary reinforced PTFE. It is optimised when used with rod seals that have a back pumping capability.

The double acting wiper is recommended for light to medium duty and is available in alternative elastomeric/PTFE grades on request.

Material DesignatorDescriptionTemperature Range
BPN Bronze reinforced PTFE / NBR 70 -30 to +100oC
BPV Bronze reinforced PTFE / FKM 70 -20 to +200oC
GPN Graphite reinforced PTFE / NBR 70 -30 to +100oC
GPV Graphite reinforced PTFE / FKM 70 -20 to +200oC
UPN UHMW-PE / NBR 70 -30 to +80o
UPV UHMW-PE / FKM 70 -20 to +80oC